Sharon has always been encouraging to me with my writing. She has helped me with a couple projects. She has always been honest with her critiques, even when it was hard. She has great suggestions and has helped me to look not just at picture books, but also at magazine submissions as well. I highly recommend her critiques in children and young adult works.

-MaDonna Maurer, www.raisingtcks.com

Sharon K. Mayhew provided incredible insightful, and helpful edits on the first ten pages of my young adult novel through #yahugs. Her knowledge of the industry and background in teaching and writing is evident in her line editing, and ability to highlight changes that will strengthen the entire manuscript.

-Lauren H. Kerstein, Author

​Not only has Sharon been a cheerleader, friend, and constant support in my writing life, but her thoughtful and sharp critique helped me reshape the beginning of my young adult novel. With her feedback, the novel landed representation from a reputable agent. Sharon's guidance is always gentle but assured and writers at any stage in their career would be very lucky to work with her.

​-Melissa Sarno, YA Author

Sharon has critiqued my picture book manuscripts and my middle grade novel. She gives line by line critiques for picture books, which is crucial since every word counts. With larger works, she gives important insight about the story as a whole as well as page by page or line by line if needed. Because of her advice, my stories were tighter and stronger. Not only does Sharon share useful suggestions for your manuscripts, she is a loyal, positive person to know.

-Kelly Polark, Author of Rockabet:Classic Edition, Words on Birds, Hold the Mustard!, and Big Sister, Baby Brother and MG Novel Rock 'N' Roll Princesses Wear Black

I first met Sharon when she was working with Literary agent Terrie Wolf on a blog contest for MG and YA manuscripts. She was incredible supportive of my submission and selected it to receive a first-chapter critique. Her comments were insightful and showed a real understanding of the material and the message. I ended up restructuring the story and Sharon stayed in touch, cheer-leading my editing  efforts. She promises creative honest timely feedback and that is exactly what she provides. When she was reading my manuscript, I felt like my story was the most important one in the world to her. I had her undivided attention. I knew she wanted me to succeed. She's and incredible ally and a true friend.

-Kim Van Sickler, Author of Snatched in Gullybrook

Sharon Mayhew's background in writing and teaching English is evident from the feedback I've received on my manuscripts. She not only comments on all the essential elements of a story, like plot and character, but she also catches spelling and grammar errors. Her expertise has helped me with my manuscripts, Several of my short stories and vignettes have been accepted after Sharon has critiqued them.

-Theresa Milstein, Writer and Poetry Editor at Vine Leaves Literary Journal

Sharon has critiqued several picture books and a MG novel for me. She makes revisions that much easier. Her insight always amazes me. She is methodical in her comments, yet gentle in the way she expresses them. Sharon will help you make your story much stronger and more marketable. She's easy to reach, precise, and focused. Sharon sees the big picture and will help you take your story to that next level. She's that fresh pair of eyes that you need for your story. I highly recommend her services.

-Robyn Campbell~Writing books that make kids giggle and take them on the adventure of a lifetime. robyncampbell.com, robyn-campbell.blogspot.com

The Manuscript Maven did an awesome job assisting me with my edits on my latest children's book, Broken Heart. She was thorough, patient, and provided great feedback! I loved working with her. I'd highly recommend The Manuscript Maven to others.

-Martha Ramirez, Author of Broken Heart, MatrzBooksz.com, MartzBookz.blogspot.com

​Sharon was amazingly supportive and did a wonderful job critiquing my manuscript. She provided excellent suggestions for ways to express my thoughts in a clear way, without changing my voice or ideas. Sharon has maintained contact with me and shows genuine interest in my growth as a writer. I highly recommend her critique services.

-Donna Cangelosi, Children's Writer